Friday, December 04, 2009


is it possible ... perhaps it would require some kind of reincarnation ... to spend an entire human life trying to learn one lesson ... homunculus say ... or the difference between the subject and object for another ... or put them together and ask what kind of subject can it be ... riddled with this kind of plurality ... homunculus the little man inside ... is he there to listen ... to counsel ... or to take charge ... just what kind of control does he have and where's his warrant for it ... does it help that together we sit by the side and watch the game progress in the objective field ... does that help make him the same kind of subject that I am ... but how would that be ... I am self-taught to believe there is no other subject the same kind as I am ... the point being there is none such for any other subject either ... that kind of being what we are ... irreplaceable if expendable ... absolutely unique if relatively short-lived ... wasn't it I that powered by my direction this fleshy machine for the most part of every day ... I do not speak of the nights ... they were a wildness I do not recall ... perhaps some lapses we may call homuncular

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