Friday, December 04, 2009


the sense of lateral transference and its right and necessity to thrive called also I believe subsidiarity is as you can see by the claim anything but a trivial nonessential life form ... while it's true that our lateral transactions are subject to vertical infusions of grace and disaster there's a residual point in us still resistant to all interference sometimes in particular when we can see that it does us good ... I'm not saying this reluctance to stop and as it were be tampered with is itself of necessity a good thing ... indeed I hope I may expect with reason that it will pass away in the childhood at least of my age and of the race ... but all this time otherwise I expect it may do us some good service when we have the good sense as well to stop with a will and listen ... are the rumblings in the rear a malevolent force bent on disruption ... does that whisper of good news up front intend to tell us the truth ... is the rapping on the lid above my head a safe signal to come out or little bombs thrown by other lateral defenders ... I say I hope it may pass but I know it will not till we come of age elsewhere

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