Monday, December 07, 2009


I think it is theoretically possible to follow a path ... a series of necessary and sufficient steps ... which will lead to the most that is the best desired object ... or in other words the best that we can get ... the best that we would want if we knew all we had to know ... therefore also the best that we should want ... but I do not think it is a path that any of us could make alone ... and I do not think it is a path that any of us could make together ... none of us at least who are creatures of a creator god ... perhaps you may say there are people who have not been created but are parts of a process we call nature ... or the universe ... or the god which is them both ... a god evolving ... if not creating then putting on display every moment for ever and always a new array of options in a cosmos that had no beginning and will have no end ... which is not I think the case ... I live in a cosmos that had a beginning and will as a universe certainly have an end ... a new world in which I pray will be my own success and yours too my dear reader ... that neither you nor I nor any one of us strays from the path god has made

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