Tuesday, December 08, 2009


what does the writer do but think precisely and succinctly and play around with the language ... how does he do the first ... he asks the right questions ... how does he do the second ... he tells an interesting story ... how does he do the third ... he admires the first two .... now perhaps this does not satisfy you ... you demand more ... you ask your own precise questions ... you say can you define right and interesting in an objective sort of way ... that is make them necessary and universal ... can you change your particular experience into a universal truth ... if you cannot mustn't I reply that may be true for you but how is it true for me now or even for you later ... ah is my reply ... what you want is the integration of the soul when you call for the integration of time ... you want the past the present and the future to come together and stop their petty quarrels and agree to something true for all three of them ... when what you really want is the end of your own petty squabbles ... to sit down and smoke the peace pipe ... following those tendrils ... what's wrong with you ... it's a long story ... but I love to hear it

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