Friday, December 18, 2009


what's the good if the ideas are colorful but there's nothing to hold them together ... if people do things but they're never part of the plot ... there's a human need to be part of the story as well as to tell as to hear it ... but I tell you what ... it's not just the story or how you tell it ... we could sit on top of the universe and arrange its contents like blocks in a balloon and still we would not be satisfied ... not even if we got inside the balloon to arrange the blocks ... and after a while we would want to get inside ... try sitting for aeons with the winds of nothing behind your back ... but once inside we are drenched if not drowned in relations and we forget ... these new connections push us and pull us keeping us busy all the time ... and again we are dissatisfied ... for we know what they mimic when they mock us these repellent bullies these magnetic attractions ... we know what we've lost ... we know what we want ... but we know them both darkly ... some kind of eviction some kind of promise ... the big push the grand pull ... all this is in the midst of matter and the web ... all this as if somehow they did not count

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