Tuesday, December 01, 2009


might she not say to herself as a game ... let's say S is P and see where it takes us ... suppose we say S is a whore ... what can she say of herself ... that she loved too much and not well ... suppose she were more select and adept ... suppose she really cared and felt affection for her clients ... was practical and intelligent ... a businesswoman in her office and an artist in her bed ... couldn't we then say that she loved well and even long ... became part of the family extended as it were ... sat in at weddings and funerals attended church and tithed ... branched out in her concern and based on her skill put her work on film ... reaching great acclaim in a modest if small community ... but there we've gone too far ... not in concern or work or church or art or affection but in family ... whores have no family ... mothers and daughters and sisters have families ... presidents and ceo's and shop stewards have their families ... but whores are hidden ... everything they do in their whoredom is shamed and put away ... there's no love or family in a whore ... we beat it out and mark them down ... the things we do to a whore

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