Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I don't quite hear voices in my head but I hear what they say ... I hear it in my thoughts ... and then I spell the words out ... again not to hear them but now to see them ... what those thoughts do thereafter is that which most puzzles me ... I find myself in conformity with them ... on introspection ... I've heard them I've seen them I've agreed with them ... now my behavior conforms to them though they I thought were years in the past ... I recognize them I see them and hear them and agree with them again ... but we haven't been together all those years ... it doesn't matter ... I conform to them ... as if the word because came between us rather than or ... rather indeed than and ... we are not competitors not even companions who meet on the road have dinner and then part ... the accidental around us has fled and we live together by a necessary implication ... how can it be broken ... we may not meet again these words in the same order and I but we live always together ... I live in some sense because they were spoken some place that one time ... like an airburst in a silent expectant chamber ... their report still echoes on the wind

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