Wednesday, December 09, 2009


she was upset by the square ... the square of opposition ... she did not like the company the qualifiers kept ... all and no she felt were an exclusive set but here must come a third this meddlesome troublesome some ... all if it had been allowed would have faced only no always simply clearly but for this pulling his sleeve down ... would without this interference have put his hand out perhaps and with the one fingertip signify to no that this point only is where they might touch ... here only they might agree ... and in that agreement put all the world in order ... or so she thought ... if it weren't for this noisome pesky some ... not just yes that is but all ... all the world inside when point comes to meet point ... the circle closes ... and only no graciously gracefully without ... but here's that some come hemming and hawing up to say yes to no and no to yes and sometimes to all and yes sometimes too to no ... somewhere rising almost to every place ... and sometimes even now saying so to never ... till this insignificant exception ... this third thing ... is now somehow eternal

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