Thursday, December 10, 2009


when are you unhappy ... when you're out of sync ... when are you out of sync ... when you're out of touch with a significant part of reality ... when does that happen ... when you're caught up in a meaningless part of your self ... when you have your pieces where they belong but your next move threatens to throw you out of whack you are in danger of being unhappy ... when the pieces are external you may be able to make a strategic withdrawal ... but when they're internal there is no retreat because you're already home and you're invaded ... what you risk in this second more serious case is the integrity of your soul ... or to put it another way you risk your own disintegration ... it would appear to be true therefore that telling the parts of the self the meaningless and the significant one from the other would in times of danger be essential ... but why would we wait until then ... we should consider the danger before we meet it ... or better yet consider the triumphant balance and how to sustain it ... consider the glory of the self its body its memory its reason and its enthusiasm and count the parts that count

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