Monday, December 14, 2009


abesoc abesoc the lord is the lord ... there are some who say we get nothing from this till we add a premise through the medium of history giving his name ... not so not so ... the story is not perfect without the name is incomplete but the logical law of identity is not nothing ... indeed sometimes it seems just a touch short of everything ... until with leisure and reflection we see how broad and deep that touch is ... nonetheless it is the pluck of the string and surely the beginning of the string is the law of identity ... it is what it is is the beginning of truth and the last word to be said at the end of the conversation ... everything else is amplification of that pronoun and that verb an elaboration of being and existence ... as far as truth and thought go at least for may it not also be true that the law is just that and only so ... an amplification and elaboration of a preexistent being ... speaking about something that's somehow just past even as you begin to describe it ... first the act then the explanation ... a command say ... let it be ... and it is ... and then we see that it is ... unless the command and the truth are one

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