Tuesday, December 01, 2009


not just you should do it at random but do it at random it's likely to be better than what you have now ... what if we had a two-step character and this is how he thought ... I will break the commandments even though they tell me my world will be worse ... they were right it is worse I will blame the commandments ... I didn't break them often enough and when I did I did it poorly ... if I could do it again I would break them completely ... who were they to follow me around when no one else was there and say this was so because they were in me part of the code that made me up ... there is no code that makes me up from the fingertip to the tip of my toe ... no string that strings me together but time fraying strings time wasting codes ... see me now twelve thousand years ago I am not the man I will ever be again .. sprinkle me with wisdom in chemical forms magical formulae make me a god ... nothing that changes can ever stay the same ... to be the same even in passing is intolerable ... for A to look at B and find C in common between them is all the sin the world will ever need ... everything is new

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