Thursday, December 03, 2009

HOPE 101

the dilettante adrift on a swirling sea of books might find a biography he so liked it would set aside his old reading schedule ... the person whose life he read might appear to him in his imagination in the flesh as it were of his mind to encourage him ... to give him faith in the immaterial and hereafter ... or that person might speak to him directly from the immaterial and the hereafter ringing in his mind the two as yet silent bells by those names also called the intellect and good hope ... for what is there in the hereafter to sound anything but good hope here and now if only the intellect be sound ... and what is there in the intellect to make it whole and sound but the truth here and now ... though the truth be absolute and of necessity and everywhere else as well ... that is with all the advantages and privileges of the nonrestrictive immaterial ... these voices have no sound their messages have only their full meaning and this is the main course by which we live from day to day ... though I pick at the candy in the imagination still and listen to the voices in the upper room

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