Monday, December 14, 2009


the nice thing about a material thing is what it tells me ... it tells where it is what it is and whose it is ... I like these pieces of precision especially the last one especially when it's mine ... spiritual things don't work like that ... they don't seem to be anywhere and then they're everywhere at once ... it's hard to believe what they are and they don't grow in power in the hands of just one or a few ... the more you share them the stronger they become ... despite these major differences I've seen it's easy to confuse the two ... to have a spiritual feeling for a material object ... a beautiful woman her face or her body to put her on a shelf behind glass to keep the dust off ... or is it to have a material feeling about a spiritual object ... or isn't it a subject ... you see what I mean ... material life is competitive and resources after a while run out ... most of them even run out while standing in place ... like fruit on the vine ... even time itself is against them ... then add to all that this misplaced spiritual longing ... this misplacing making it technically lust ... for the thing that changes and decays ... to see that it doesn't

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