Saturday, December 05, 2009


see how stately they step off the map on schedule and on tap ... they'll be at the crossroads on time and in strength ... they came down the road and through the woods together ... the enemy thought he'd have time to react and bloodied him in the face as he came out of the forest ... then ran into the building ... then one building back ... where he had a clean line of sight both to the building next door and to the road leading off the map ... with an heroic leader and an elite squad and a heavy machine gun he thought he'd hold the point forever ... and he did ... still behold the soldiers as they exit the map ... how stately they march though not together ... one by one they leave the map ... not in despisal of what they leave behind ... but they leave it behind nonetheless ... the world of iron and machine parts ... of steel and ball bearings ... of fear ... of family ... and the loss of life ... the world of the forest and the plain ... of purpose and failed mission ... they come to the crossroad on time and they come in strength ... but they come as markers on the map they left behind ... they come as a flag of surrender

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