Sunday, December 06, 2009


if in dying there was a voice within you giving good instructions on how to handle it whose voice would it be ... would it depend on how good the advice was ... how well it was working ... it may yet be a familiar voice though you so controlled it it always sounded like yours ... for that's what you did to all the advice in your head coming your way ... whether it was good advice or just vice it always had the same voice in your voice ... it was you might have said what all good editors do ... assimilate but filter ... you were after all the one in charge of the concern and you would be the one charged with it if it went bad ... well in a sense it was now as bad as can be if you were dying ... and it might not hurt if you could get some cover ... maybe talk less ... maybe just listen ... and in the quiet perhaps perhaps to hear a voice not your own ... whose would it be ... in the last minutes or days would we not all have the same prayer ... finally to get really good advice ... maybe even the meaning of life now that it was coming to an end ... but being strung out like this on the final thread you might settle for less ... someone getting you out of this ... but safely

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