Saturday, December 12, 2009


the addict is like the rest of us he's trying to keep it together ... but he has a better idea perhaps but sharper than we do of what's missing ... two parts in control one part absent ... the addict finds the missing third in the drug he's called to study ... the rest of us each day go off to our squares of opposition ... yes no more less this question or that this question and that ... when we get home at night do we still know there's a missing third ... this addict does and if he's serious he's been an hour or two investigating the mystery ... a missing third of what whose third he asks how a third and not a fourth ... but he only does this because he loves the color in the glass or the swirl of smoke in the light ... they remind him of what's done better at night ... so much better he starts to begin during the day ... it's not as they say to get him through the night ... he only worries that way at the end of the night just an hour or two before dawn ... when you're coming home from work he's an hour or two already begun ... getting ready for the night ... when you're sleeping pestered by dreams he's alone with his desire

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