Wednesday, April 14, 2010


an instigation to conversation ... that's all they ever meant to do ... really ... they have tried it is true the oracular or pontifical but they never lasted the night ... each felt it was true it had a tiger by the tail ... though most wound up with a rabbit or a rat there were angels too ... and there on the line they drew we stood calling to you ... not a bloody or a brave calling but the ancient call to communion ... if modernity was the price we must pay to go post by it it was money well-spent for it found again a church at the center where the word could be heard most clearly pronounced ... a church at the center that opened suddenly all over the world ... for what's the point if there is no final point ... what's the point if the story never ends ... what's any point if it has no place to stop ... this tradition this community believes that point is a point of triumph ... but here's the trick in between ... this coming cause celbre is a horrible thing to behold and it grinds out bile and disgust but it grows us humble to the last

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