Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I find if I draw a straight line from mobile to new orleans I don't get much ... but if I intersect the line at any point with a date with another line of its own at the intersection I see a warm orange light that begins to grow ... closer attention reveals it's the sky over a setting sun and an old man in wellington boots too thin to be healthy is dismounting his horse ... when I had just this distance I couldn't get reception but when I added the time I could see them all clearly ... it was early nineteenth century ... some time in the second decade ... then I lost the signal ... now all I get is a yellow dome on the inside ... I think my fingers trembled on the dial ... oh for a little gyro to bring the time back precisely ... but I can wait till the clouds pass and the night departs ... actually I welcome the interruption ... before I can bring the two lines back together and center them just right I'd like to know more about what I'm dealing with ... why things work only at the intersection ... and just how sturdy these two lines are

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