Tuesday, April 27, 2010


it's a very small sometimes bitter acquired taste ... I can be as objective as possible when I say that ... on a basis of a precise count of its patrons ... now I wish I could say I can only show you the passage before I go on to the end ... but I think you're meant to keep it and I may as well stay on as you do ... these things have consequences I for one didn't expect ... you are my lady and my lord ... what a thing it would be a corner room with plenty of light ... and to serve you is to learn to know you ... both a privilege and a delight ... a library and a table a research and workcenter that is ... the history of your family seems from the beginning to have a purpose and a design ... what a wide range of motion it's been ... over hills and forests and fields ... it's why I need this small space to collect my gear ... it's mostly maps ... you may not know ... and the mobile markers on them to highlight all the places of interest that we've been ... all the noble influence and example .. all the moments of misunderstanding and insight

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