Tuesday, April 13, 2010


paul speaks clearly ... paul speaks poetically ... what startles me is that he speaks millenially ... almost two of them ... it makes you wonder how many more ... how about just these two and we call a stop at 2030 ... we sit down then and compare notes before we come to an agreement ... we could begin with a basic sentence to which we all consented ... all right you might say if we pepper it with some flexibility ... I find the rigid truths don't say anything new they wrack you with the rod of justice through and through ... but it's the same old story of what we did back then ... I'll have a translator in before we hear it again ... hell I'll have a whole committee ... when we get together to hear their report we'll announce ourselves a community ... and if it's another two we have to wait we'll use them to build on the old foundation ... turns out it wasn't sense data or math or even physics acting mathematically ... and this instead is what we've come up with ... forms and structures ... but these four in particular ... habits flexible inside community and tradition ... call the good ones virtue ... can we get by another two thousand years

cf allen, philosophy for understanding theology, ch 13

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