Friday, April 23, 2010


being so ill you're like to die can make you change your mind ... not just about many things but about one thing ... and that thing a direction ... sent head first out of the womb sent tumbling tumbling into the tomb you'd think we'd know better ... it's the tumbling I think that gets us confused ... and we might swerve a little from the left to the right ... take a turn or two we wouldn't take again if we could help it ... but all told and in stride we think we're headed straight ... as from cause we feel impelled to an effect ... but suddenly going down the decline toward death and more suddenly pulled up is as much a reversal as it is a conversion ... now you're facing the womb being pulled back into the tomb ... last things become first and everything else is attendant ... you're going still to the same place but now you're facing in the other direction ... you're running forward but you're losing ground ... and there's a temptation to stop while you still can ... put your feet together hold up your arms ... and float head first over the edge ... and find at the bottom the final cause

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