Saturday, April 17, 2010


the democrats have always been the party of feelings and the republicans the party of thought ... that's never changed ... it's been so two hundred and twenty years ... hamilton and jefferson ... who had the better thought and how did things turn out when the dust had settled in thirty years ... webster and clay or jackson and calhoun ... which two were the more intense so that they burned in the flesh like a flame ... lincoln and douglas ... which of the two couldn't help feeling this war didn't have to be ... it was unnecessary as was any war over an idea ... mckinley and taft or wilson and the two roosevelts one a renegade republican ... which of these excited the passions and made people cheer ... and eisenhower and the politics of the past that won a world war or kennedy and the politics of right now that nearly started a new one ... reagan and clinton that's too easy ... which for example had the more thoughtful marriage and which made the passion of infidelity a matter of state policy

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