Saturday, April 17, 2010


god damn the devil ... if he chooses to be damned ... I know he chose damnation but could he change his mind ... or is the answer no because he doesn't have the time ... if at the dawn of creation before time and space at least as we know them the devil made a choice how could he change it now when he's not in our time and space ... not really ... maybe that's what they mean when they suggest evil isn't real ... that it's the absence the privation of something that should be there ... the devil for instance who can be here only by effect by influence and reputation ... but can't really be here now and in the future ... because at that one point in a timeless place he said no ... how can you change your mind tomorrow if you're someplace where there is no today ... I get to change my mind first because it's later ... the devil can't change his mind ... for him there is no later ... as for him there is no time nor is there any salvation ... take heart at this ... it is not you ... not yet ... repent while you still have time

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