Monday, April 12, 2010


you're so far out in space you're in between ... the perfect place to take notes ... earth is over here the moon is over there you're right in between ... the atom is divisible you're the photographer on the scene ... touching nothing ... always hoping to get the light just right ... shining it on ... the two kinds of truth ... one you can count on but not the other ... two kinds of knowledge one that's new and one that's not ... one pulls ... the other holds you up ... you stand on one so you can reach the other ... you're right in between ... almost ... just press the button ... if I could only hear the bell ring I know there'd be an answer ... on the other hand I can be known as a weak link ... just so close and then I lose interest ... almost there and I'm some place else ... sometimes I have lost heart but it's always done on a miscalculation ... I only meant to be precise I forgot there's a cutting edge it goes right down the center ... no matter what you say I know someplace it's not true ... there are two kinds of truth I find but I'm far out in space where everything leads to one

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