Thursday, April 15, 2010


it's odd about grace ... that we spend so much time praising it ... praying so much that we want it ... don't we spend more time avoiding it ... within a day of receiving some good grace we have put it behind us and moved on ... within an hour of hearing some good lesson we've tagged it filed it and forgotten it ... late in the middle of the night you put your finger on the ur question ... late next morning it's become an uh instead ... in the middle of the universe at the beginning of time a bellowing womb breaks its water and galaxies spill out in milky waves of expectation and delight ... we manage you and I to find a warm spot and dry out ... when being expands and where nothing was something is we forms clubs and meet in the morning to have our toenails clipped ... how substantial some of them look lying on the floor or in the palm of your hand ... if it weren't for the preying mantis the guillotine and the bomb we'd shun grace even more and bide our time in peace till the end ... if it weren't for the threat of a graceless ruin we'd never turn to grace again you and I

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