Thursday, April 22, 2010


draw a line at the beginning and a period at the end ... then take slowly what comes in between ... read if you must half as many books this year as last ... a quarter ... a third ... read just one or two if it means you can take it like that ... outside you must leave all criticism of your own habits ... not because they're good or bad ... they just don't apply ... inside as the book opens it must meet an already open you ... jackson at the hermitage ockham in bavaria eckhart in avignon ... why would you pass them by in a hurry ... you pay for the show sit down and pay attention ... here you are for example in the last car traveled ... eckhart in the dock answering sometimes with asperity it's said ... ockham at ludwig's court thought his preaching ridiculous and outside the convent it was said it too easily mislead ... no mysticism in the marketplace it was said ... time meister to go home and be dead ... why not ... ockham the sophisticate so sublime he could see the potential christ as a donkey ... ockham dies in the black death ... but they both die in glory

cf rubenstein, aristotle's children, ch 7

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