Wednesday, April 21, 2010


what if this is so ... just as there's but one necessary being and all others are contingent so too is there only one absolute truth and all others are relative ... the being and the truth are one and that is that god is ... what could be wrong with that ... the baby in the young woman's womb will not be an alligator ... it's not a mathematical certainty but it's very close ... let's consider the significance of the possibility that it may not be true ... you'd have to be a dunce or a scot to think it amounts to much ... we could go to the old greek who says always or for the most part but you'd be right to say we missed the point ... while you I fear having the right point are putting it down in the wrong place ... the right method for the right question the old greek said as well ... analogy for god math for everyone else ... you have a plan to break the bank at monte carlo its precision is perfection down to the final nanosecond ... anything that can go wrong is factored in ... nonetheless there's mystery still in the bank that can't be broken

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