Wednesday, April 28, 2010


there are these farmers whose gods give them epiphanies into the essence of nature in this world and the next ... these revelations that is are revelations of forms patterns and codes and formulae to make of them ... to conform to these patterns is to take a job in midlevel management ... magic yesterday technology today ... in addition to the farmers and their cultivation of knowledge and technique we have the nomads who have a god who keeps them on the run ... between the mountains and the dunes they wander in the wilderness ... their god is not a god of essence and his people are not metaphysicians ... they have doctors they just don't meta ... they're for the here and now not for the hereafter ... they are children of the promise not for the eternal but for tomorrow ... not for the still center of creation ... there's a veil before that ... they're for change and struggle and writing them down ... children of time they're the father of history ... they bring in history not to talk of the past but the future

moltmann, theology of hope, II.1

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