Wednesday, April 14, 2010


if all you have are pinpricks you might decide to sit in their midst and become one yourself ... but if they start to accumulate you might want to unionize too ... and the first thing you might do then is to hire a consultant ... one familiar with the trends of things as they are ... of things for you to do if you want a happy ending ... of things themselves just what the hell you think they are and where in fact they're trending ... and this is just for the little pricks and their associations ... what if those associations took on a life of their own ... you might want to hop on quickly before you have no protection ... before you're overrun ... doesn't seem fair ... you were content when things went just a little way to any truth ... when you could pick the little things up and roll them across the floor ... now it's you rolling out into space and you're not sure the vessel you're on is fit to travel ... we don't even have all the languages yet ... foreign affairs are a jumble and civil ones are a war ... where's the guide who can take you to the bridge ... at least up there you get a good view

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