Tuesday, April 20, 2010


what could be worse for the understanding of these days than the loss of the absolute ... without it underneath how could anyone stand it ... if it's just a serial pattern of subatomic particles with no final meaning not even that how could you draw a line round anything ... how could you draw a line ... but if it has a meaning you have an absolute for that's what a meaning is ... you can try to change it but all you do is describe your additions and subtractions ... an absolute never changes ... but we do ... all through the history of thought we leave the absolute and go for a walk ... when we get far enough out to stretch the limbs and lungs we give a great speech and start to head back in ... sometimes we're late in arriving and the night already has fallen and all we can see is a light in the distance far away ... that's the absolute ... it's way too late now to turn away and avoid it ... to turn back and start all over again ... that's for the next generation ... no ... tired as we are we best turn in ... turn to the light

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