Monday, April 12, 2010


the paranoid was off in this one respect ... he thought his privacy was public ... it was megalo and maniacal because it was big ... but it wasn't public ... it was wideranging in topic and in tone ... but it wasn't public ... but it wasn't just private either ... so what was there in between ... the voice of reason ... whether you spoke it or not ... the forms of logic ... whether you followed them or not ... words paragraphs and conversations not one of which you could understand if you didn't know what you were ... this means a lot ... I'd do a lot to let it be done ... wouldn't matter who you were if you didn't know what ... who would quarrel wouldn't mean a thing ... there had to be a fact and it had to lead to others ... there had to be a thing and it had to be central and by definition it couldn't be you ... but once it was in place it set the gyro spinning ... you could always fly if you had the balance ... there was a grace in just being pulled along ... the fog rolls down the mountain like a river ... not down to you not yet ... not till she turns around hikes up her skirt and begins the climb back ... what would you be not to follow

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