Friday, April 23, 2010


where there is now grass finely cut and cared for there was then mud and a stone crosswalk in the middle ... which made converse along the shorter line civil by patience since the path was wide enough for just one at a time ... the buildings at the opposite ends of the path were ideological opponents as well and benefited by the slow converse and by the patience it exercised ... because for the most part neither understood the other at all ... they were like the glib and the ineffable or suavity and precision as opposed to an elevating trance ... but there comes a point must there not when the two did have to meet ... when a precise hope embraces and bolsters a slightly confused faith ... and right in the middle of that meeting I ask the pastor will we not find meaning with whatever else we should want nearby ... surely always just off center ... in a side-room as it were the intellect meets the will ... one says what can it mean and the other says I mean to do it

cf moltmann, theology of hope, I.6

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