Thursday, April 22, 2010


ideas are real as plato said ... but real as aristotle said and thomas as secondary causes ... it's the same as saying faith the vision of the eternal now is all that matters ... only to be told no without hope faith withers and hope is a matter of time not the eternal ... when good venture brought in god young tom had his intelligible species ... beware said venture your bridge is weedy and there's a sharp fellow with a razor coming up behind you ... you mean to tie this world to the next ... but your bridge will burn and your species and causes go with it ... the ropes will be cut and the ladder will fall ... yes we will all study nature and on the whole we'll fashion forms ever more savage and precise ... and temporary ... it takes but a generation to tar patch and rebuild ... forms are brutal atrocious but passing and all too natural ... what did you expect ... to capture heaven in a balloon ... your balloon won't float ... even rockets fall down ... but tom agrees ... faith and hope are virtues ... they take time

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