Tuesday, April 27, 2010


it's a great formal logical principle ... what you say is true nonetheless so is this also ... the great compatability option not to compete ... live and let live ... no matter how many true things are said and done this is one of them ... it's a very powerful principle though all it seems to say is this one thing I hold is true ... but truth is powerful ... what makes this in particular powerful is the also and its duration ... civility prompts you to let the other go first but then you follow ... how often how long and where that's true make you and your truth more or less impressive ... how many times you can say this also ... how long it may in truth be said and where it applies add or take away from its power its effect ... even the ember can say I also am true just before she goes out ... once again why is this an exception ... where does the very power come in ... it comes in with me ... it's where I face the absolute for as long as it will let me ... now the other is first I am the new other ... now this has been said my also comes in to stay

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