Friday, April 16, 2010


given ... we were begun and have a way to go ... I believe we also have someone to follow ... but for the purposes of the argument let's say we don't ... we've either lost him or he never showed up ... we still have a way to go ... a regular road a trail a tunnel or a warp we have a way to go ... let's say it's a real heavy-duty warp with colors and opinions and deeds swirling in a funnel ... that way we get to bring the tunnel in too ... here's where you find if parallel lines ever do meet ... but let's leave that for the experts ... let's you and I take the railroad and hope we get through to the end we desire ... along the way let's see what's outside the windows ... I will not say what you see unless like me it's a cruel mass of matter ... for each insight there's a defeat for every truth a mistake for every birth a death ... and for every tragedy at least one rhyming couplet ... for the poets we have always with us and the forms they follow the true and the false lead us all to this one remarkable conclusion ... the forms get better and when they do they're alive

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