Monday, April 19, 2010


people like hegel and kant hume and blanshard even whitehead to a degree certainly russell and moore all had strings and plato was pulling them ... even augustine and aquinas could feel him tugging ... if it weren't for one other person philosophy would be plato and plato you must know was one word form ... well two if you'll take as translation idea ... if it weren't for aristotle and his word substance which meant form but matter too marx and lenin would still be in their shrines ... that's what aristototle the old doctor did ... he put the punch in the scholastics all the way through to the blood in schopenhauer's will and kierkegaard's faith ... even process theology has all its hesitation in form from aristotle ... he taught all philosophy after plato ... but he didn't stop there ... for he taught and surprised himself too ... form was vapid ... matter chaotic without it ... but substance itself needed two more causes to work ... an artist and a purpose ... even divinity waited to put them all in one

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