Saturday, October 02, 2010


if with analysis and honesty you can reduce the tenor of your daydreams to and then I you can give up daydreaming as a waste of time ... but isn't that what daydreams are ... an amateur autobiographical novel we keep writing in our spare time to remember the day we just went through and the one coming up tomorrow ... and that if that's all it did might pay its fare from beginning to end ... but it's more than that ... every good novel is ... and all these novels are good for they mesmerize their audience as the best of all drugs and only solitude to unlock the cabinet ... and yet still a waste of time ... when just around the corner you might come to market ... when just through the lobby a hundred yards away you might walk into the wisdom gallery and hear the collected thoughts of the ages seen from the side and coming round to face you ... finally felt inside here's the thing to talk about ... what did the church do when the last apostle died ... what should a jew do with isaiah 53 ... where do you go to save your soul

raymond brown the churches the apostles left behind; strobel the real jesus ch 5

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