Saturday, October 16, 2010


the difference between a book and the things it represents ... the distance between a historical simulation and the battle or war of which after all it's just a configuration ... this distinction between thought and its reality is nothing less than what it means being homo sapien ... god and the angels have surely a higher and more immediate communication ... we have books ... the angels and we have a passion for getting at the thing itself ... they fall we fail trying but not all always for we both have a delight in the artifact as god has in creation ... it's one of those layers where we meet ... between god and the man who loves him is the idea that lets him try ... no wonder we love them too these films plays pictures and songs buildings and bridges medicines and highways ... these thoughts that come before the healing the invention the judgment the sentence ... these words ... stumbling to god we spend all our lives trying to find them ... and we do ... our own and others ... we find in the word the face of god

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