Sunday, October 03, 2010


cafeteria jesus by faith and definition subordinates divinity to custom ... custom of culture and individual habit ... I'll have one of those and one of these and one of that ... but the selection changes with the season and each season lasts but one generation ... to the next the old flavors are all wrong ... now if you're a perpetual patron the variety might seem appealing ... still you could be wrong about your perpetuity ... the star you're hitched to may go out and one day the cafeteria close for one eternal night ... variety alone won't keep the sun in the sky ... besides there is a wrong kind of variety that meddles with digestion ... some items on any such menu just don't go together ... like resurrection and reincarnation ... the repetition kills the idea of incarnation and makes of resurrection a what did you expect ... you're next ... or smorgasbord salad and pipe dreams after dinner versus plain bread and wine ... we fly out on the back of the cosmic pulsation or we go to sleep and we wake to judgment ... hell or heaven on earth in the morning

strobel the real jesus ch 6

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