Friday, October 29, 2010


one thing almost all of us seem always to forget is who we're really talking to almost all the time even when we're talking to each other ... the one we're really trying to impress ... the one thank god we think ... the one whose voice we do not hear ... mystics and magicians aside ... I mean the rest of us who go to other work figuring planning ... doing all that work in our heads means mostly talking ... not so much what's this but what do you make of that ... not so much and now I sign my name now I make a fortune but wait a second who's really paying attention who just now might give a damn ... damn I should have known it ... damn that makes me mad ... who is the me you're really telling ... who's the I that didn't know ... what is this stepping back and talking to yourself and why is it important you tell it the truth ... what's the point when the point is that you bother to talk at all ... these silent soliloquies you give ... these stage front confessions ... what do you say when you hear yourself talking so poorly in truth as you pray

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