Friday, October 29, 2010


the seer sits in his chair and sees ... well understands ... perhaps he knows ... in his drug factory owl flips out because one rare time he takes his own drug and travels in time ... he sees well he thinks he does two centuries back ... he does at least know or thinks he knows that one by one everything goes out till he's down to one last cell and in order to get back to where he started he has to build everything back ... now maybe in spirit that door and the experience beyond it really did open to him ... in one philosophy an idealistic realism it did ... seems like a large sect in the south has the same philosophy which they call the inner light ... and another sect 1800 years before in the first aftershocks of the second cosmic explosion riding the ripples of the blast sailing in its echo said the same thing ... said the final truth was hidden and they had found a way to it ... after all these years after all this testimony something does in fact remain hidden ... some do seem to know the way ... what do we look for to show us its success ... constancy 1/2

wolfe, kool-aid, "cosmo's tasmanian deviltry"; bloom, american religion, ch 13; douglas w johnson, the great jesus debates, ch 1

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