Thursday, October 14, 2010


the uncreated self as old as god ... if this is the first premise of the gnostic how can he be saved from hell ... if he adds more assumptions as true as this first one and his logic works how can his conclusion save him ... what's damnation to a gnostic after all but being perpetually wrong and given this start how can he ever be right in the end ... what a grab all over the world but for the jews ... the self captures the castle and runs away with the world ... psyche deified with a false set of papers caught at the border made to begin again ... reincarnation justified as the necessary conclusion to a failed argument ... psyche and pneuma after falls like this have no longer their guaranteed connection and they stray ... ah remember when they were right and saw clearly ... before their besotted affair with infinity ... before by their neglect daimon became a demon ... before the devil took charge ... the soul loved the spirit and the spirit gave life ... that was a world with a garden ... that was a time for delight ... a gift from above 1/3

bloom american religion p36

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