Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm not much on small talk ... I don't do it well ... I prefer big talk ... even though I don't do that well either ... you might say try middle talk ... but I don't have that gear ... I know this idea about talk has a gear ... that it's about moving ... and I like third gear best ... it goes up to the speed of light ... but most time I struggle in low gear going up a hill ... this is when we talk the smallest ... short phrases and clauses as we catch our breath ... I know what's important now isn't what we say but I think as if it were ... I know we're going uphill but I think we're in the air taking off ... I know we're talking small as if to say we could but we won't talk big ... but I try anyway ... but that doesn't work out ... so all in all it's best just to keep quiet ... just then a funny thing happens ... being quiet keeping it like a vigil but an easy one you start to hear the others ... and then you start to think ... only later do you learn after you think some more there was a grace in that quiet ... a gentle good will

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