Monday, October 25, 2010


there's a spiritual dimension to all addiction as any addict can tell you and it's not good ... there's a spirit to any addiction ... it's the element that gets you high ... oh you can give me the formula or name the active ingredient but the form you mean is academic and mechanical and the action just a series of predictable events ... I mean a living breathing spirit whose breath is in your blood ... I mean the breath of the spirit in the oxygen cracking open in your head ... the addict doesn't think he's dreaming ... he knows if you say it you'll only bring him down ... he thinks the new colors he sees and the combinations are hiding in the spaces hidden in the new places in straight time we're too slow to see ... and if it's this that makes him proud and strips the humility from him the spirit no matter how pleasant that befriends him is a false spirit ... no friend at all ... a high spirit but worse because it's so high and so fast it will leave us in the echo behind if it can

tom wolfe, the electric kool-aid acid test, "the unspoken thing" and "dream wars" before it

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