Friday, October 29, 2010


now as to the quality of that which they sought ... by definition it would have to be the pearl of great price ... the prize you win that wins everything ... owl was right ... one thing just one thing makes everything else ... the baptists and the gnostics arian to zoroaster everybody has this one thing on their mind ... we want its name on our lips as we live and when we die ... it's the one thing and the only thing that would make anything else worthwhile ... but it does and that's the beauty of it ... if you have just this one thing and you lose everything else you haven't lost anything ...and that's the irony of it because this one thing this only thing is the one thing we keep forgetting ... the siren blows and we're back in the race running with all the other particulates ... relativity rules but the absolute reigns ... it's complex we complicate things but we know it's really simple ... one thing one thing only is necessary 2/2

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