Monday, October 25, 2010


lord help my unbelief ... not the kind that says I don't know who you are but the kind that turns me from you ... not the kind of unbelief that thinks the argument for atheism from the presence of evil has any chance of being right ... but the kind that makes me not care for its details ... my unbelief doesn't care about the unfortunate ... it says we need the unfortunate to keep the equation in balance ... just enough evil not too much not too little to keep the ship level flying through the narrows on to the other side ... help me lord my own unbelief the kind that doesn't let me care about the details that disturb the conclusion ... the facts that disrupt the equilibrium of that conclusion ... I have the kind of unbelief that doesn't believe in kindness as any other than a wise tactical maneuver to a preordered conclusion ... the winning side ... victory on just the right move at just the last moment ... belief tells me lord you set us up and then you let us down but you let us down easy ... let my unbelief lord let me lay it down

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