Thursday, October 21, 2010


and when human hearts are breaking under sorrow's iron rod ... then they find that self same aching deep within the heart of god ... says the anglican hymn ... the corruption of the body suddenly or inevitably now in the past or in the future the thing in fact or just the threat of it has been solved intellectually as a puzzle by the christian doctrine ... why does evil happen ... jesus ... where does it come from where does it start ... jesus ... how do I stop it how do I escape ... jesus ... because that name only is the bridge from nothing to it all ... the only bridge ... the only name ... the one we must all come to know sooner or later ... then why am I still waiting if I know and believe all this ... why don't I love the name of jesus as jesus himself loves me ... why don't I feel his presence as he feels my pain ... well that's where being a gnostic comes in the room with an answer ... all your life from the start and by grace this is what you chose to look for ... the academic answer to the academic puzzle ... relax and enjoy it

n t wright, in, the case for faith, by lee strobel, dvd; bloom, the american religion p127

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