Wednesday, October 06, 2010


the divided self is the divided will ... it comes from knowing there's something below us that's beneath us and something above us that's on high ... salvation paradise is the author the self and dean moriarty holmes's nemesis the rival of reason the id is down below ... wild anarchic ... the women condemn him ... but chaotically fecund ... and the women willingly bear his seed ... because his passion is possession by a spirit ... how true or unholy that spirit is you must finish the book to find but that dean is inspired no one will doubt ... he's of one mind ... one thing only he searches for and finds all around him ... in music he calls it by its name it ... the musicians when they blow that's it ... hitherto ineffable ... but mostly it's in the pretty girls dean and paradise find all around them ... inescapable ... if it weren't for the girls dean would be a gnostic mystic explosion to a point you'd already have to know to understand ... but the girls swarm him contain him bring him back down try to domesticate him ... and dean dean how will it all end

jack kerouac on the road read by frank muller recorded books up to disc 9

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