Monday, October 04, 2010


I know that and I know how ... I know who when and why ... but they're only dry runs to just plain knowing ... I read a thousand books it took me twelve years but they're all only books ... I played five hundred games it took me thirty years but win or lose each was only a game ... the milk runs out you have to buy more ... the toenails grow they have to be clipped ... we criss-cross the country loving life but we're headed for a fall for everything falls ... falls apart gets rebuilt and rises stands for a while and then it falls ... when I was twenty I was the fashionable pessimist ... at forty objective idealism was all my rage ... now I'm old and a christian and have come to the fulfillment of objective pessimistic idealism ... and it's nothing like being a skeptic ... I know what I know ... it took me a long time and I know why ... but the why doesn't count and neither does the how ... the floor beams crack it's been such a dry decade ... and words words all the live-long day ... we played at being god to take his place ... now we're utterly ruined ... he has to come down and take ours

john stott quoted in lee strobel's the real jesus p256

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