Monday, October 25, 2010


there's only one kind of peace ... the peace between friends ... when you have the peace of solitude meditation grace it's personal ... you're with a friend ... the same friend you're with when you're with another ... the same that makes the two of you three ... it's the spirit of freedom the truth that sets you free ... the spirit that makes you whole the wholly spirit who makes us complete ... and no wonder unless you stop to wonder how ... sent to us he's sent to bring us back ... no sooner have we sat in that big swivel chair by the window on the train got the soda in our hand and begun to speak to the spirit by our side when we're there ... and the conversation becomes an understanding and the words become light ... things now don't work the way they did ... intention isn't trying learning isn't hard and oddly most of all the company isn't wearing ... we have no cause for complaint we have no cause to worry we have no cause to quarrel ... we have the argument's conclusion the decision in the smile on his face

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